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Monkeypod & Koa Wood


Beautiful Bowls, Leaf Trays

Hawaiian Designs

Hand Carved in Hawaii


 Master Craftsmen in Honolulu

1935 -1975


This site was last updated 8-7-23

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Woodcraft Shops Honolulu


(Partial List)

(I will continue to add to this list. )

My primary sources for this list are the Honolulu and Oahu phone books and, and Dianne Fife Kay's paper. 


  • Gump’s --Fritz Aplanalp 

  • Hawaiian Woodcraft 

  • Leilani 

  • Sorensen the Woodcarver 

  • Blair Ltd. 

  • Woods of Hawaii Ltd. 

  • Harry’s Cabinet & Curio 

  • Hawaiian Woodcrafters 

  • Hardwoods Hawaii

  • Island Woodcraft 

  • Woodcraft Shop 

  • Aloha Woodcraft Co 

  • Fern-Wood Ltd 

  • Hale O Lauu 

  • Kilohana Woodcraft Ltd 

  • Tropical Craft

  • Woodcraft Hawaii 

  • House of Kalai 

  • House of Monkeypod 

  • Keao’s Hawaiian Woodcrafts 

  • Island Hardwood 

  • Quality Woodcraft 

  • Kamaaina Woodcraft

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