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Fritz Abplanalp  (1907-1977)

Originator of

"Hawaiian Style"

  wood carving

In the 1930s, Fritz was hired by Gump's, Honolulu, by Alice Spaulding Bowman, manager, as their primary woodcarver. Fritz fell in love with the flora of Hawaii and collaborated with Alice Bowman, and they originated the Hawaiian-style floral woodcarving motif. Fritz went on to develop the driftwood carving style.


He began with perfume bottle holders and moved on to carving designs on wood furniture at the exclusive Gump's store. Fritz introduced the leaf shape platters that eventually dominated the Honolulu woodcraft industry. 

Blair, Sorensen, Horn, and many others took wood-carving classes from Fritz during the late 40s, turning their talent into successful woodcraft businesses in Honolulu and Waikiki.



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